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Local Church Updates: Good News: Baby James Guerra Prayer Update

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Local Church Updates

Good News: Baby James Guerra Prayer Update

Natalie Guerra of the Corpus Christi, Texas, congregation wishes to thank the many brethren who have prayed for baby James and have sent encouraging cards. With big brother Marcus and James' needs for supervision, Mrs. Guerra hasn't been able to answer everyone.

James' condition was described in the prayer request sent out Jan. 19: "James Ryan Guerra, the month-old son of Gian and Natalie Guerra, was born with CCHS (Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome). Mrs. Guerra and her parents, Mark and Amalia Monsivais, are in the Corpus Christi congregation.

"James is unable to breathe on his own while sleeping. He underwent a tracheotomy to make it easier and safer for him to breathe on a ventilator."

James still must breathe with help of a ventilator, but is a happy little baby. His doctor anticipates that James will be able to breathe on his own as he matures.

Currently "he must be attached to the ventilator 24/7 and someone must monitor him and the equipment," said Jack Hendren, pastor of the Corpus Christi congregation. "You can just imagine the workload it puts on the family and extended family. I am impressed with the 'grit' of this young mother and the support from her family."

Your prayers are still much appreciated.