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Local Church Updates: Houston South Improves Service

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Local Church Updates

Houston South Improves Service

The Houston, Texas, South congregation of about 200 people is organized with 40 volunteer service teams under the leadership of the pastor, Ken Giese. These teams provide services ranging from "bulletin and calendar" and "cards and health status" to "Web page" and "young adults."

Houston South has prepared Service Area Process Descriptions that provide "how-to" details of one or more ways to carry out the process of providing the services in each area. The purpose of process descriptions is not only to enable improved, higher quality service to others by having a written process that can be changed, but also to allow those who may want to volunteer, but hesitate because they don't know what might be involved, to see in some detail how each service area carries out its functions.

When people can see a way that a process has been performed, they can be creative in changing to a new way that is an improvement—a higher quality service. This improvement is sought by members imagining being the recipient of a service, and then, with prayer, thinking of ways that would be more helpful, timely, show more love, etc.

One example of a new service added is the "Do You Know..." biographical feature in the bulletin with a photo of the person being featured that week. Getting to know each other better this way enhances fellowship, particularly when some are new or live far apart.

Houston South uses a specific, concise way of describing processes, so that only as much detail as is desired is presented. The idea is to describe the essence of each service area in a way that covers the services so that someone else could carry out the service process from the description.