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Local Church Updates: Sacramento/Reno Holds Leadership Banquet

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Local Church Updates

Sacramento/Reno Holds Leadership Banquet

After nine months of interactive Leadership Development Club, the Sacramento, California/Reno, Nevada, group celebrated with a year-end banquet on Jan. 27. Held in an entertaining restaurant, the buffet meal was enjoyed by the 28 in attendance. Club member spouses joined in, as well as several widows and single ladies who were invited as guests.

The club director, Joe Horchak, presented his version of the club's assignment, "Welcome to My World." An entertaining discussion session was emceed by Scott Butler, who had the attendees comment on a variety of subjects relating to leadership, some quite humorous.

At each meeting one member was selected as the "Sharpest Contributor" and awarded a handsome pocketknife. The year's winners were: Beverly Butler (our only lady to stay with the club all year), Denton Trone, Rufus O'Quin, Jim Lewis (the only Reno member to make all regular meetings), Jim C. Springer, Scott Butler, Dirk Trone and Ken Blanchard. There were five members who attended every meeting throughout the year: Jim Butler, Scott Butler, Joe Horchak II (our youngest member), Denton Trone and Tory Trone.

All participants were required to identify biblical and other examples for the topic covered each month. Formal presentations and discussions focused on each subject presented. Topics covered were: Gaining Knowledge, Building Relationships, Making Decisions, Communication, Setting Strategies, Establishing Vision, Gaining Experience, Leading by Example and Commitment and Action.

The club members decided to take a break and reassess what form the club will take when they reconvene later in the year.