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Local Member Advertises Beyond Today Live Events

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Local Member Advertises Beyond Today Live Events

In September, he promoted the Beyond Today Live event America: The Time Is Now! on the racks by adding an additional holder to the racks to display the trifold brochure that the Church produced for members to promote the event.

Mr. Adams has been distributing Beyond Today magazines on the racks for several years. Only one began as a result of a personal relationship he had with the owner of the store; he established the other three by approaching local businesses and asking if he could set up a display. “I would take two or three issues of the magazine in with me and discuss it briefly with the manager,” Mr. Adams said. If they agreed to allow the display, he said, “I would make a point to talk with the manager once a month to see if there were any problems with the magazine, and what the comments were from readers, and I always thanked them for allowing me to place the magazine in their store. Not every store manager that I approached was agreeable to placing the magazine in their store.”

Placement of the rack makes a difference. At one location, he said: “The first couple of years, due to the location of the rack, there was not a lot of movement of the magazines. I talked to the owner about a better location, and he picked up the rack and placed it right in front of the cash register at the front door.” After that, the magazines started being taken much more. The businesses are all located in rural areas several miles out from the city of Raleigh, and three are convenience stores. The fourth is a general and antique store.

He added the trifold brochures in advance of the three live events held in September 2016 in North Carolina. People did indeed take the brochures, and he encourages people who live in the areas where there are upcoming Beyond Today Live events scheduled to try something similar. He says: “I think the brochures would probably move better without the BT magazine beside it; the attention would be more focused on the campaign and not getting a free magazine. Concentrate on high traffic areas, and if a team of participants could saturate an area or shopping center within a 20-mile radius of the campaign” that would be best. The key, he says, “would be to locate them near a cash register where people are passing by and could see it easily.”

If you would like to try distributing additional Beyond Today magazines in your area, contact John LaBissoniere. Contact him via e-mail