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Media Center Takes First Steps for Renovation

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Media Center Takes First Steps for Renovation

In anticipation of an April 2010 launch on several U.S. broadcast television stations, our Beyond Today television set received a very complimentary upgrade during January that covered several areas:

• A new backdrop scene to replace the Cincinnati skyline montage.

• Four new gold drape panels to cover the aluminum truss look.

• A new black panel along the front of the presenter desk.

• Repositioned key lighting.

The "old" set has seen more than four years of programming take place. The first four Beyond Today programs were recorded on Nov. 16 and 17, 2005. Since then, more than 40,000 responses have been received from the 129 programs recorded.

The initial Media Center set for Beyond Today was designed before the name, "Beyond Today," was finalized. Therefore, a more generic approach was taken at that time. However, now the upgrade includes more of an emotional attachment to the idea of "Beyond Today, Understanding Your Future" especially with the sea, sky and cloud backdrop.

Beyond Today presenters Darris McNeely, Steve Myers and Gary Petty expressed their support for the set's facelift during their Feb. 3 and 4 recordings, and response from staff and visitor alike has been very encouraging.

Future Plans

The Council approved plans for renovations to the home office building (see article, page 1). They will provide a larger space for Beyond Today recording and postproduction. At that time, the set will most likely receive a much more substantial redesign.

Please note, the studio used for recording Beyond Today material is called our "Media Center." This is because the space is used for other video projects as well—including Good News commentaries, Beyond Today commentaries, About Our Father's Business by Clyde Kilough, Feast sermons and other miscellaneous productions. The Media Center has proved to be a very valuable asset to our Media and Communications Services department.

As television stations are chosen for an initial launch of Beyond Today into the broadcast TV market, we would certainly appreciate your prayers for the success of this newer phase of our proclamation effort. Our mission is to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Television can be more costly than some other forms of preaching the gospel, but also one of the most engaging and persuasive. We want to ensure that God's tithes and offerings are being used as wisely as possible. The United Church of God makes use of a broad spectrum of advertising and popular media—from the Internet, to the printed word, to print advertising, to TV.

Your prayers for all of our efforts are very much appreciated. UN

Peter Eddington is the production manager for Media and Communications Services.