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Media News at a Glance: Advertising Vertical Thought on the 'Net

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Media News at a Glance

Advertising Vertical Thought on the 'Net

This is another project enacted as a result of the extra $531,000 made available last December.

In just the first five weeks of running ads we have seen the Web traffic jump sharply.

It should be pointed out that our online advertising for Vertical Thought not only benefits our U.S. subscription list, but also many of our international areas. Our ads appearing on Google, Yahoo and their affiliates are seen around the world except for Asia and Africa.

See the graph (in the PDF and print versions) that gives a snapshot of the immediate increase in traffic. In the coming weeks we will see this upswing in visitors to our site result in new subscriptions to the magazine.

In the United States, we currently have 2,617 subscribers (22 percent) who are associated with the United Church of God. We have an additional 9,424 (78 percent) who are not. Our total print run of Vertical Thought is 22,500, and it is distributed in over 100 countries around the world.

Please pray for the continued success of Vertical Thought. It reaches a very important demographic in both our Church and the world at large.