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Media News at a Glance: Beyond Today Sets New Records

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Media News at a Glance

Beyond Today Sets New Records

April was our best month to date for Beyond Today, with more than 1,400 responses. These results are mainly from local community cable-access TV stations and radio, with almost equal numbers also coming from the Internet.

One reason for the good response was an excellent return on the two programs about Christians who don't keep Easter. April was also our best response for Beyond Today on radio for the past year, with a very good response of over 200 calls.

Even before the record month, Beyond Today was growing. As of April 1, 52 Beyond Today programs had aired on cable-access TV since telecasting began in late 2005. Of the seven most recent programs aired by that date, three leaped into the top 10 in viewer response.

Rank Program

#1 "The Myth of the Immortal Soul"

#3 "Stopping the Addiction With Porn"

#10 "When Terrorism Ends"

Telephone and Internet response for Beyond Today programs continues on a steady and healthy increase. Below are average weekly response rankings for the past year.

Report Date Average Weekly Response

April 2006 -> 73
June 2006 -> 92
August 2006 -> 121
September 2006 -> 138
December 2006 -> 152
February 2007 -> 156
April 2007 -> 165