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Media News at a Glance: BT Airing Schedules Offer New Feature

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Media News at a Glance

BT Airing Schedules Offer New Feature

A new feature has been added to Beyond Today airing schedules. Short, descriptive synopses now accompany each program title. Beyond Today member-sponsors have been encouraged to use this information in various ways such as placing it in local church bulletins to encourage brethren to tune in to the programs. The synopsis could also be placed on the cable-access television station's online menu and in free "events/information" sections of community newspapers. Below are samples of some Beyond Today programs with the title and synopsis:

"Europe's Long Dream." Coming events in Europe will catch the world unaware. Discover how those major events could dramatically affect your life.

"Groping for God." Why does God seem unreal or remote to many people? Why does spiritual satisfaction often seem elusive? Learn surprising answers.

"The Rapture: Who's Left Behind?" Why do many people believe a doctrine that has no biblical validity? Isn't it time you learned the real truth?

"Death of Darwinism." Did you realize that virtually every idea of evolution has been proved wrong by true, scientific discoveries? Learn more!

"Is God Angry?" Is God waiting to punish when you do something wrong? Are all bad things in life a chastisement from God? What is the real truth?