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Latest UCG Updates

This is the highest weekly response out of all 52 programs aired during the entire fiscal year. The program also generated the lowest cost-per-response for the same period.
The 2020 General Conference of Elders was held via webcast from the home office in Cincinnati on Sunday, May 4.
Our dedicated Media and Communications staff works hard to ensure that our message of the gospel of the Kingdom is as relevant, compelling and motivational as possible.
In this personal from MMS, Mark Welch highlights one freedom we all have—the free moral agency God has given us. He provides encouragement and cautionary wisdom surrounding this gift that humans have been given.
On Monday, June 29, 2020, we held an online meeting for home office employees. Here is a synopsis of what was said.
We understand the uncertainty surrounding Feast plans in light of the pandemic. Below is an update for members so you know where things are currently at in terms of Feast planning!

Peter Eddington and Victor Kubik discuss the problem of depression and suicide in Part 1 of their two-part conversation.

This page is updated regularly with the latest information regarding UCG's response to the coronavirus pandemic, including cancellations or postponed events.
You can download PDFs of the 2020 Festival Youth Activity Booklets now.
In this update from the president, Victor Kubik discusses the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision to expand the federal legal definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity.