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Nashville’s Annual Fundraiser for Camp Nacome

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Nashville’s Annual Fundraiser for Camp Nacome

This year’s event featured simple but engaging activities for all ages with the goal to raise money to bolster the preteen camp’s scholarships fund, equipment maintenance and updates, and to cover other general needs.

The evening started with a hot dog dinner and a cake walk beginning after sundown. The cake walk featured a variety of cakes and desserts donated by members. There was also a prize walk for the little kids to have a chance to win one of many donated toys. Various donated items were also raffled off throughout the evening. But the big draw was once again the pie in the face contest.

Members voted for who’d get it in the form of donations to jars for the respective candidates: local members David Kellers, Jason Fritz, David Horvath and assistant pastor Joshua Creech. By a wide margin, the people had spoken: an assistant pastor he may be, but Joshua Creech’s face did not remain pie-free. And in a twist certainly heretofore only dreamt of, it was his wife, Lizzy, who crammed that confection so lovingly into his countenance. All for a good cause, people.