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New Beyond Today Print Ads: Tests to Reach 20 Million Households

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New Beyond Today Print Ads

Tests to Reach 20 Million Households

[March 23, 2017] During April 2017 the United Church of God will conduct four large-circulation tests of new half-page literature advertisements in the coupon sections of many U.S. Sunday newspapers. Although we have tested and rolled out several ads in the recent past, we will now experiment with ads featuring more thought-provoking topics which people can readily identify with. Plus, these four promotions—reaching 5,000,000 households each—contain added copy, which gives broader explanations about our offers.

The ads’ headlines include: “Why Am I Suffering?, “Feeling Overwhelmed?,” “Will Our World Ever See Lasting Peace?” and “Teaching Your Children True Values.” These promotions feature some of our most popular booklets. After we evaluate the response and cost-per-response of these advertisements we will consider future roll-outs in additional cities.

Your prayers for God’s blessings on this important print media experiment will be greatly appreciated.


  • Ennaycart

    Wow! This is really exciting! Any chance any of these will be in newspapers in Sandusky, Ohio.