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New England Wilderness Hike

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New England Wilderness Hike

The group hiked on Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

The expedition began Friday, when the group met, organized food into various backpacks and set off. The 12-person group included 10 teens and adults, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old! After about four miles, the group was about to reach the top of Stratton Mountain. They climbed the tower at the top during a lunch break.

Then they went back down to Stratton Pond, where the trail leading to the usual camp sites were flooded. After a few daring members tried crossing the swampy trail, it was decided for some of the group to cook dinner by the pond. Meanwhile, others made trips back and forth from the spring to filter water, and another group scouted out the surrounding areas for sites to camp. The backpackers camped for the night about 100 feet from the water’s edge. 

They spent the Sabbath enjoying God’s creation and fellowshipping even through the afternoon rain.

Sunday was cool and drizzly. The group trekked out about five miles and then went back to their cars parked at the trailhead. Despite the rain, it was a successful trip, and there’s already been talk of another one for next year!