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New Hires at the Home Office

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New Hires at the Home Office

IT Help Desk/Junior Programmer 

David Browning recently started working at the home office in Cincinnati. He is working in the IT department, and his official title is IT help desk/junior programmer. He assists Richard Kennebeck and Chris Stewart with technical support for employees within the home office as well as off-site employees and ministers. He also helps maintain and utilize internal and external databases and software used for distribution of literature.

David is originally from Washougal, Washington. He received a bachelor's degree in communication with a focus on public relations. His previous jobs include working as a PR contractor for several local firms in the area and working at an equestrian boarding facility. David moved to Cincinnati in August 2011 for ABC and started working for the Church on Sept. 19, 2016.

David took this job because it was a dream of his since he was 9 years old to work for the Church. He noticed the job opening listed in United News for several issues, and something drew him to it. So he decided to apply for the job. He sees this as an opportunity to serve the Church as well as learn new skills.

David says that he loves the atmosphere of the workplace. He explains that it is a good feeling knowing that everything he does here for work is helping the Church do God’s work. David said: “My job allows me to see the number of literature requests we receive as well as ensure that the people requesting [the literature] are getting them mailed to them. Seeing that every day just brings a smile to my face.”

David looks forward to continuing to learn new skills in the computer programming world.

Mailroom Clerk/Warehouse Assistant

Rachael Boise was hired at the home office right before Thanksgiving. She is currently the mailroom clerk and warehouse assistant. From day to day she places booklets into envelopes, helps in the warehouse and picks mail up from the post office. “It is a lot of mundane [work] that is done behind the scenes, but it has to be done,” said Rachael. But she doesn’t think it’s necessarily a boring job. What she likes most about her job is the laid-back aspect and the flexibility. She can make her own schedule as long as she meets her hours and gets all her work done.

Rachael is originally from Estacada, Oregon, and moved to the Cincinnati area in August 2015 for ABC. After ABC she stayed in the area to work and go to school. Other places she has worked include Applebees, a cleaning company, and for a personal contractor.

Rachael heard about this job from the previous person who held the position, Kurt Reeter. Kurt was recently married and planned to move to be with his wife. The home office needed a replacement as soon as possible, and although there were other prospects, the position still was not filled. So Rachael decided to apply to help her friend Kurt out.

At the time she was working for the Cleaning Authority and had the next Sabbath as a required day to work. The position at the home office was offered to Rachael four days before this rule was going to take place. Rachael believes that God saw her predicament and intervened.

Other aspects she likes about her job is being able to send out the Beyond Today magazine and seeing all the feedback readers send in about the booklets she mails out. “It’s [also] fun to see places around the world that I never even thought of,” she said. “It makes me feel small.”

Some of the most unique places booklet requests have come from include Pakistan and Iran. She is in awe of the people who ask for literature in what can be such a hostile environment to Christianity. They do what it takes to know about God.

French Communications Analyst/Assistant Webmaster

Jessica Hendrickson is the new French communications analyst/assistant webmaster at the United Church of God home office. She started her position on March 13, 2017. She wears many hats in her position. She works a lot with the French correspondence work, helps with literature requests and corresponds with French-speaking Church contacts.

Another project she is working on is getting the French website up and running. The new French site is designed to be a user-friendly and functional part of the wider Currently, she is translating UCG content into French. Jessica also is working on a few small media projects. She recently finished translating the Spanish kids video Poly, Col y Toly into French, and she will possibly translate some Jelly videos into French as well.

Jessica said: “Everyone has been super welcoming and helpful. I really enjoy it here.” She loves her coworkers, the dynamic environment and the many different projects she works on as well as the different teams she works with. One of the best parts of her job is hearing the stories from the people she corresponds with about how they came to know about the truth.

Jessica is from Bothell, Washington, which is near Seattle. She recently moved to Cincinnati to work at the home office. However, she went to school in Borea, Kentucky, at Berea University. She received a double bachelor of arts major in communications and French.

Prior to this specific position, Jessica worked part time for the Church as a French correspondent. She also had various other jobs before. One was an international student and scholar services assistant in the center of international education at Berea University. She worked with international students coming to the United States for the first time. She planned orientations, events, did paperwork and graphic design. She was also a piano performer in the Boone Tavern, in the college hotel’s lobby. Some other jobs she had were working in a portrait photography studio and as a piano teacher.

She learned of the job from Tim and Maryse Pebworth, who serve in the French work of the Church. A lot of ideas were shared with Jessica of how the Pebworths want to progress the French work.

Jessica is excited to get the French website up and running and adding to it. She wants to see how it can reach different people through this new platform. She is also looking forward to helping out at the Feast in France: “I enjoyed helping with the Feast last year and look forward to helping out at the Feast again. I want to talk and connect with the French brethren.”