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New Home Office Dedicated May 4

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New Home Office Dedicated May 4

After a cool, overcast morning, the sun broke out in time for the 11 a.m. dedication ceremony May 4 in the parking lot of the newly completed home office building. Ambassador Bible Center students and other volunteers set up chairs, served as parking attendants and ushers and served juice and cookies to the guests.

As Les McCullough took the stage to begin the event, a jet flew overhead, leading Mr. McCullough to joke about a "flyover by United." He also commented on all the nations and people represented at the event, naming countries such as South Africa, the Philippines..."and Texas!"

Mr. McCullough called on Don Ward for an invocation. This was followed by singers from Cincinnati area choirs performing "Great Is the Lord" and "Journey of Faith."

Mr. McCullough then gave a dedication speech describing the history of the new building. A little over two years ago he was looking for property to consider for an office, and he visited this site just up the hill from the leased space the Church was using. "It wasn't much to look at," he said, describing the piles of dirt. But the Church leadership saw beyond that, and after bidding considerably less than the asking price and having the bid accepted, and after choosing between architectural proposals, the project began. Mr. McCullough said the chosen architect "did a beautiful job" of incorporating ideas he was shown.

"There have been ups and downs" in the building process, Mr. McCullough said. He thanked the staff members who have had the greatest involvement in coordinating with the builders: Tom Kirkpatrick, Dave Evans, Peter Eddington and Richard Kennebeck. He also thanked Sarah Kirkpatrick, who is coordinating the landscaping, which is in the beginning phases with most of the trees being planted in the previous three days.

Mr. McCullough highlighted the fact that the building is a multipurpose building, dedicated to doing the work of the great God. He talked about the growing, "continually swamped" mailing office, the much needed warehouse (five times the square footage of the previous space, but eight times the space since it is much taller), the new studios for the media area and the ABC classroom area that will also be used for the Cincinnati East congregation. The only problem is, the congregation won't have much room to grow before reaching 300—the number the hall can seat! Room to grow was planned into other aspects of the building, including several empty offices and a space to build up to six more, as well as longer-range plans that could include adding on to the building.

The building has "met, and I think exceeded, our expectations," Mr. McCullough said. The Church has been "very graciously blessed by God," he said, and he thanked the brethren for their support. The building is "a tool to provide for the spiritual building, the Church of God."

Mr. McCullough then introduced Roy Holladay to give the dedication prayer, after which both men joined to cut a ribbon across the front entrance. UN