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New Jelly Video In Production: "Jelly Learns About God"

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New Jelly Video In Production

"Jelly Learns About God"

[CINCINNATI, JULY 30, 2020] A new Jelly production is underway, being recorded in the Beyond Today television studio sound stage. Due to be released in September, the new production is titled, "Jelly Learns About God."

This will bring to 12 the number of Jelly videos produced for our younger audience by the United Church of God, an International Association. You can view the first 11 productions online at With the help of their friends, Jelly and Mr. Jonathan make learning about God and the Bible fun for both kids and parents.

The latest production includes a song written by Mark Graham titled, "There's Nothing that God Can't Do," sung by Steve Myers and Jelly.

Watch for the release of this latest Jelly episode in September!