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New Portuguese Language Website Launches

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New Portuguese Language Website Launches

After much diligent effort and hard work, Portuguese language UCG literature and other material will be available on a new Portuguese language website: http://portugues.ucg.org.

The new site is designed as a copy of the main UCG.org site, mimicking that site’s design and also running on the same underlying software, which is easier to manage and maintain than the previous site, which required manual HTML coding. Because of the expertise required and manpower and time constraints, only PDFs of the final layout of each issue of the Portuguese version of The Good NewsA Boa Nova—were posted online before. With the new site’s easy-to-use content management software, everything Portuguese senior pastor Jorge de Campos translates can be posted with minimal additional effort.

Besides being easier to manage and post new, regular content, the new site also provides a seamless link between the Spanish and English UCG.org sites. For any Portuguese-speaking people who may also understand English or Spanish, they can see the Church’s other resources in those languages—Beyond Today programs (in English or Spanish), live webcasts (in English or Spanish), etc.

“The work of God in Portuguese will effectively be viewed as a portion of a greater work in various languages, giving it a wider scope, and not just as the ‘Portuguese work,’” said Mr. de Campos.

In addition to translating each issue of The Good News, Jorge de Campos is also working to translate all of the Church’s booklets and other literature. So far he has completed 32 booklets and all of the Bible Study Course. He intends to translate the remaining three booklets by the end of this year. Besides these efforts, the new site will be populated with the video sermons Mr. de Campos records every week as well as occasional blogs.

Senior Web developer Tom Disher, who developed the site with input from Mr. de Campos, said: “Last year we did a similar relaunch of the Spanish website [http://espanol.ucg.org], and over the course of about a year, its traffic has grown from about 100 unique visitors per day to about 1,000—a 1,000 percent increase. We hope to see a similar growth pattern with the Portuguese site.”

Many thanks go to Joe Muralla, who worked on getting the already-translated booklets onto the site during his tenure as an intern while he attended the ABC class of 2014. Also thanks to Whitney Creech (who was previously employed by the Church as the receptionist), who now works part-time doing the layout for A Boa Nova and will be posting most of the content to the new site.

Mr. de Campos stated, “Please pray for the success of this great step forward of the work in Portuguese, and that God may bless it with godly fruit and more laborers.”