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New Project Begins: Beyond Today Interviews

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New Project Begins: Beyond Today Interviews

[SEPTEMBER 11, 2019] Beyond Today television has begun a new video project titled: Beyond Today Interviews.The first three programs have been recorded and will be available for viewing in about a month’s time. 

Beyond Today presenter, Darris McNeely, has recorded the following three topics to date:

  • Ben Light about the modern challenges we face educating our teenagers in high school.
  • Steven Britt about the possibility of other life in our universe.
  • Andi Chapman about end-of-life choices, hospice and palliative care.

The format of these interviews (usually split into two, 20-minute parts each), allows for a wide range of topics to be discussed in a broader way than is possible with our formal Beyond Today television program. They will air on our streaming devices—like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS devices, Android devices and Samsung smart TVs—using our Beyond Today App. They will also be available on our Beyond Today YouTube channel in a separate play list.

As we progress, plans are to interview a wide range of experts on a variety of topics of interest to our membership and the public at large. The format will also allow for interviews with experts on scientific, historic and other matters who are not members of the United Church of God.

We look forward to launching the first round of completed interviews in about a month or so. We pray they will provide an additional avenue of interest to our viewers as we work to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God.