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NEW! UCG-Australia Streaming Radio: Search the App Store for "UCG-AU Radio"

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NEW! UCG-Australia Streaming Radio

Search the App Store for "UCG-AU Radio"

[JULY 7, 2017] The United Church of God — Australia  (UCG-A) is pleased to announce the launch of its very own radio station, now streaming 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and available anywhere in the world via the Internet.  
Users can listen to booklet and magazine readings, dramatized Bible readings, Bible Q&As, Sermons, Ambassador Bible Center class lectures, UCG IA podcasts, the BT Daily archives, Beyond Today television programs, and more!
The streaming radio can be heard as you travel with your smart phone or tablet device (Android and Apple). Simply search at your app store for “UCG Radio” to install the free app (see the links below).
This service provides a great deal of Bible instructional material any time of the day, with much of the content sourced from the UCG IA websites and compiled into an interesting line-up of various programs throughout the day. The program content also includes station IDs, booklet promotions and announcements that are recorded by local church members (several have already been recorded), with more coming soon.

For more information, visit

UCG-AU Radio is operating on a trial basis for one year, with hopes it will continue if successful. Please tune in and let us know what you think. Send us an e-mail at . Your prayers for its effectiveness would also be greatly appreciated.

Geoff Robertson, UCG-Australia