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New Video Recording Studio—Viewer Response Update

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New Video Recording Studio—Viewer Response Update

The first program (“Are We Living in the Time of the End?”) aired Feb. 3-9, 2019. It generated the second-highest total response and the third-lowest cost per response out of the 31 previous airings of Beyond Today this fiscal year. (The previous high was during the Christmas week—when we almost always get our best response to programs.)

The next week’s program (“The Four Horsemen of Revelation”) aired Feb. 10-16. It captured the topmost position for the entire fiscal year with the highest response and lowest cost per response.

In addition, response for the third program (“Are You Led by God’s Spirit”) took the third-highest position in terms of viewer response for the fiscal year. Its cost per response is fourth best so far.

It has been extremely rewarding and encouraging to see that the efforts to fund, design, build and equip the new video recording studio—with its enhanced program format—has immediately produced significant results. 

We thank you for your tremendous support and diligent prayers. And most especially, we give abundant honor and praise to our great Eternal God for His wonderful guidance and overwhelming blessings.