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News at a Glance: Ministerial Transfers Announced

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News at a Glance

Ministerial Transfers Announced

Ministerial Services announced that Arnold and Ann Hampton will be moving from Cumberland and Columbia, Maryland, to south Florida this summer. Mr. Hampton will become the pastor for one of the south Florida congregations. Mr. Hampton will also continue to assist Kingsley Mather in the Caribbean region. It will be much easier for Mr. Hampton to serve God's people in the Caribbean from Florida.

Bill and Cheryl Jahns will be returning to the United States from South Africa after the GCE in May. Mr. Jahns will become the new pastor for Columbia and Cumberland, Maryland, and Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Five years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Jahns volunteered to serve in Africa. His five years will be complete in May, and he and his wife are looking forward to returning to the United States. Morgen Kriedemann will replace Mr. Jahns as pastor in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Malawi.

Dale and Mona Schurter will return to retirement once Mr. and Mrs. Jahns are in place. Mr. and Mrs. Schurter agreed to come out of retirement two years ago to help out in the Lewistown area.

More transfer announcements will be made before the spring Holy Days.