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News at a Glance

What's New on the Web?

World News and Prophecy Seminars Online

Check out recent seminars given by writers of World News and Prophecy at


Visit the travel blogs of Council members Victor Kubik and Joel Meeker as they visit brethren around the world. You can access the blogs at

Teens and Young Adults

Are you looking for sound biblical answers to your questions? Then check out the questions and answer topics at If you don't see an answer to your question, then send your question to

UCG Commentary

"The Quiet Islamic Movement to Restore the Caliphate"

"Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Celebrities?"

"Christians Must Prepare for The Da Vinci Code"

"America's Heritage of Forgetfulness"

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World News and Prophecy Online with blogs on the day's news, podcasts and more.


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