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News From Around the World: Mindanao Pastor Speaks to College Students

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News From Around the World

Mindanao Pastor Speaks to College Students

Through a series of seemingly coincidental events, God recently opened a door by which His truth can reach a potentially large young audience in Mati, Davao Oriental in the Philippines. Edmond D. Macaraeg, pastor of the UCG Mindanao congregations, was recently invited by the president of Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST) to deliver a series of lectures to help and guide the students.

Jonathan Bayogan, the college president, is personally acquainted with Mr. Macaraeg as he was a member of our former association attending Mr. Macaraeg's congregation in the early 1980s.

It was recommended by the Office of Student Affairs together with the Guidance and Counseling staff that the first lecture would be held on Feb. 14 on the topic of love, due to the many challenges and problems faced by the students on this issue.

The lecture began at 10:30 a.m. in the college audiovisual room. Mrs. Macaraeg and some Church members from Davao and Mati were present as well. Close to 100 students and faculty attended this first lecture.

Rose Visaya, the college guidance counselor, coordinated the event and also gave the formal introduction. Dr. Bayogan, who was scheduled to have a meeting that morning, went out of his way to also personally introduce Mr. Macaraeg before his PowerPoint presentation titled “Let's Talk About Love.”

Mr. Macaraeg began by comparing love to wind, water, fire and electricity. He asserted that love (as well as sex) is a power that needs to be respected and controlled. Like all the forces of nature, love is governed by laws in the same way as physical things are governed by physical and inexorable laws such as the law of gravity. He then gave some biblical laws and principles governing the power of love and sex.

After answering some questions, Mr. Macaraeg offered the students and faculty a free subscription to Vertical Thought magazine, with each attendee receiving a free sample copy as well.

This first lecture in Mati was a success, and we hope and pray that, God willing, this will just be the beginning of more lectures to come. UN

This article previously appeared in the January/February 2007 issue of United News Asia (www.ucg.org.ph/una).