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News From Around the World UCG Canada Ends 2006 on Very Positive Note

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News From Around the World UCG Canada Ends 2006 on Very Positive Note

At the end of 2006, Canada had 446 members, 176 coworkers, 477 donors and 10,335 Good News subscribers on file. We added 6,314 new people to our database, up from 4,369 in 2005.

Sabbath and Holy Day attendance in 2006 were both higher than in 2005. Sabbath attendance averaged 540 in 2006, compared to 519 in 2005, for an increase of 4.1 percent. Holy Day attendance averaged 654 in 2006, up from 620 in 2005, for a 5.4 percent increase.

Incoming mail also set a new record in 2006. Nearly 16,000 pieces of mail were received, including a record 7,450 e-mails. All the incoming mail resulted in an increase of 59.2 percent in the amount of outgoing mail over 2005. The most popular booklet was The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, with just over 2,100 copies distributed. Circulation of The Good News increased by almost 14 percent to 56,670 copies in 2006.

Canada ended 2006 with 972 responses to the Beyond Today television program and beyondtodaytv.ca Web site. (As of Jan. 25, we've now had 1,047 responses in all.) The programs that had the greatest number of responses aired in November and December. The top three programs are:

• "Christmas: Mirth or Myth" (aired Dec. 10-16) – 61 responses (offering the Holidays or Holy Days booklet).

• "The Coming King of the South" (Nov. 5-11) – 52 (The Middle East in Bible Prophecy).

• "Is There Really a Devil?" (Nov. 26-Dec. 2) – 51 (Is There Really a Devil?).

Canadian income for the fiscal year (ending March 31, 2007) is very good. We are currently ahead of our budget projections.