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News From Around the World: Youth in Zimbabwe Shows "Unwavering Determination"

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News From Around the World

Youth in Zimbabwe Shows "Unwavering Determination"

In 2005 I was near death when I was taken ill with tick fever just before Passover. I was not interested in Church back then, as I used to attend the Church of God but the split left me so confused.

While I was near death, with all my vital organs affected, I realized I couldn't die. I had to show my family the truth of God! And so I did. My husband turned to the Church, and most of all my son Leon, who is now almost 12, felt very strongly about this truth that I was teaching him. That year at the Feast he gave special music and didn't miss a single day of services.

In 2006 I asked him if he would like to attend the Feast again, and he was so excited! But we had a problem with the Christian school he attended. They refused to let Leon attend the Festival.

Leon had a serious learning disability, including dyslexia. But he promised his teacher that he would be shocked at Leon's performance in his schoolwork if only the teacher would allow Leon to go. Finally he did.

Leon traveled by bus to where my mom lives to go to the Feast with her. Leon took all the necessary work with him, and a friend at the Feast helped him with new methods of learning. As usual Leon didn't miss one day of church and gave special music.

When Leon returned, his teacher could not believe what he was seeing. Leon wrote his exams and got such good results that he has since been changed from B class to A stream for next year. On prize-giving night Leon was awarded a merit certificate for "Unwavering Determination to Please and Improve."

I cried so much for my son and his great determination to please God above all.

Since this is a Christian school, they try to push their beliefs on him, which he has refused so many times. I remember Leon taking The Good News magazine to school and showing the teacher. The teacher took an article on evolution and taught it to the whole class! UN