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Northwest Family Weekend Report

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Northwest Family Weekend Report

The Portland, Oregon, congregation welcomed nearly 200 brethren from around the Pacific Northwest to another annual Northwest Family Weekend from Dec. 23–25. While cold temperatures, snowy weather and icy conditions on Thursday evening threatened to forestall the event, God’s intervention allowed festivities to carry on with only the cancellation of a meet and greet planned for Friday night.

Adult and teen Bible studies followed by church services with special music highlighted an enjoyable Sabbath day, while dances spotlighted Saturday night.

The teens enjoyed music, dancing and games to a “Knights and Ladies” themed and delightfully decorated dance, which encouraged some to dress up in period appropriate attire. The family dance was themed “Field of the Cloth of Gold” from the famed historical event with beautiful decorations that brought the theme alive. A live “big band” provided an enjoyable musical experience to go along with dancing and the many conversations that abounded.

Sunday offered two Bible seminars along with volleyball, basketball and games for the little ones held together at a local high school. The weather cleared up significantly by the end of the weekend, allowing for a much less stressful trip home for attendees.

Many thanks and a lot of appreciation go to those who planned and executed all of the outstanding activities and events enjoyed throughout the weekend.