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Northwest Young Adults Weekend

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Northwest Young Adults Weekend

We heard messages from Tim Pebworth, Ben Light and CJ Williams, and had the opportunity to interact with our speakers on a more personal level through the weekend. The young adults came from many parts of the country and from many different backgrounds, but they all found one common goal and one common identity.

The weekend ended with a resounding note: we are all part of one family and we all have the ability to contribute in our own unique way to it. And then we committed to living the words we heard.

The atmosphere was one of family. Everyone stayed together in an enormous house, and had a lot of fun talking, sharing meals together and playing games. Attendees stepped in to set up the sound system, arrange the meeting tent and chairs, cook meals, take out the trash and wash dishes. People had great attitudes, and there were many insightful discussions during our seminars as well as great participation during our activities. Each person found ways to contribute to the group and make the weekend not just a gathering of individuals, but a tight-knit group where each person took ownership and contributed in some small way.

If you find a young adult who came to the weekend, ask them their perspective on what it means to lean in to God. What does it mean to place God at the center of the great life decisions that young adults face? Weekends like these are meant to strengthen the whole Church, not just those who attend.

Thank you to all who contributed and made this weekend possible. And thanks to God our Father for gathering us together and giving us His words to ponder and let guide us.

Rachel Keirouz and Keith Lippincott