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Online Feast of Tabernacles Registration Begins

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Online Feast of Tabernacles Registration Begins

April 12, 2020 - 9:00am EDT

Registration starts on April 12 and should take about 10 minutes if registering online. If you are a head of household, you will be able to register for your entire family.

1. Choose the Feast site you would like to register for at

2. Click on “Register.”

3. Fill out the online registration form for the household and add each individual who will be attending with you.

4. You will receive a confirmation email with your registration information. Please read this carefully, as there may be additional instructions or housing information in your confirmation email. If you have any additional questions please contact your local Festival advisor in your congregation.

For those who qualify, early housing also begins today for all U.S. sites except Panama City Beach and Lake Junaluska.

Some international sites need to open registration early and other international sites may not be confirmed yet, so be sure to check the Feast updates page to stay up-to-date. You can also sign up for members updates at to never miss a Feast update!