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Pastor Appreciation Day Held in Lexington, Kentucky

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Pastor Appreciation Day Held in Lexington, Kentucky

In addition to pastoring, Mr. de Campos also serves as the Feast Coordinator for Brazil, as the leader of the Portuguese speaking work worldwide and on the Council of Elders. Our congregation let them know how much we have appreciated all the time and effort they put into tirelessly serving the Church in Lexington, Kentucky, Brazil, Angola, Portugal and on Zoom.  

Mr. Kerby Burton read from 1 Timothy 3:1-7 describing the qualifications of an elder, and voiced that the apostle Paul might well have had Jorge and Kathy de Campos in mind had he written in the present day and observed their service to the Church. Mr. Burton also pointed to 1 Timothy 5:17-18 and stated that it is fitting that the congregation acknowledge two of our brethren who have indeed led the local Church congregation and have labored mightily in the Word and doctrine. 

The congregation gave them gifts of appreciation and flowers to enjoy at home. The Brazilian brethren sent a beautiful homemade card with inserts from individual members expressing their appreciation.  

After services, a delicious potluck meal was enjoyed by all to help celebrate the day.