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Pastoral Trip to Brazil and New Feast Site Near Rio de Janeiro

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Pastoral Trip to Brazil and New Feast Site Near Rio de Janeiro

The new Feast site in Brazil will help to accommodate newly-called Brazilian brethren and prospective members living in the southern part of Brazil, as well as a number of international visitors.

This new site will be at Búzios Beach Resort, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is about 100 miles from the capital. The Búzios region is one of the highest quality and most sought-after areas in Brazil, while still far enough from the populous Rio de Janeiro city. The resort itself is 15 minutes from the Búzios town, which has local shops and restaurants such as Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot.

The resort consists of condominiums and little villas spread out around a set of swimming pools. Various sporting activities  are available on site, such as tennis courts, beach volleyball, archery, putt-putt, etc.

The Feast 2020 in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro would be the first time some of the Brazilian brethren will attend a Sabbath service with other brethren of like mind, not to mention that it will be their first Feast ever.

This is also an opportunity for visitors to share of ourselves at church services, meals and activities with other Feastgoers, as we attend services and reflect on the messages we hear. It is an opportunity to set a tremendous example of godliness and to make sure we include the new in the faith by sitting with them, making the effort to talk with them and making sure that families help families.

At this new Feast site in Brazil, a family of two adults and up to two  children (under 13 are free) can have a double room with three meals per day for about $150 a night. There is also a dietition on site to aid in preparing food for those with dietary restrictions. The hotel also caters to those who are gluten-free and or have lactose concerns. Please see feast.ucg.org for more information and to register for this wonderful new site!

The second reason for this trip was to engage with new or prospective members, teach God's truth and counsel for baptism. I was joined by Arlindo Lima Filho, an elder in northern Brazil (Maloca de Moscou). After leaving Cincinnati on Jan. 20, I arrived in São Paulo, met Arlindo Filho and we began our visits on Jan. 22. We met with many prospective members with fruitful discussions.

In Piracicaba, we met three new members, shared a meal with them and answered their questions for about eight hours. We counseled other members for baptism, covering belief, repentance and baptism step-by-step. This helps prospective members—who have only come to know us through the web—to clearly understand basic beliefs of the Church. We did have one baptism during the trip as well.

After Sabbath services in Nova Iguaçu, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, we visited a young couple who are very keen on the Work we do. On the following Sabbath in Uberlândia, we spent about 12 hours talking about many biblical subjects and fellowshipping with the seven other people in attendance.

We also met with families and conducted more baptism counseling. We can identify when God is working with prospective members, as there is a lovely and earnest spirit present. Overall, we were able to accomplish all that we wanted to on this trip—thanks be to God, it all went well.

God inspired us with what to say—more than once, I just happened to land in an additional verse and explained it. It turned out to be a question the prospective member had. God definitely led the conversations on this trip.

Although we did have challenges, God intervened and was always with us. Thank you for your prayers and concern throughout my trip, and please continue to pray for the work God is doing in Brazil.