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Pastoral Visit to Portuguese-Speaking Brazil and Angola

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Pastoral Visit to Portuguese-Speaking Brazil and Angola

Mr. de Campos visited the brethren in Maloca de Moscou, Brazil, fulfilled new visit requests elsewhere, and also visited Angola, where a church of approximately 6,000 members who were once part of the Worldwide Church of God exists.

The group in Angola—which is called the Worldwide Church of God in Angola—had previously contacted Mr. de Campos after finding the Church’s Portuguese material online. They requested more literature and communication at that time, expressing a desire to be considered “brothers in Christ” with United (search “Angola” on and read “Report About Sabbath-Keepers in Angola” from the January issue of United News for more background). After communication back and forth, the Council of Elders suggested Mr. de Campos visit them, so that the two organizations could become better acquainted and so each could figure out ways they can work together—to “build bridges,” as then-Council chairman Robin Webber put it in a letter sent ahead of time. Mr. de Campos observed Last Day of Unleavened Bread and Sabbath services with them in Luanda, where their largest congregation is located (618 and 728 were in attendance, respectively). From Mr. de Campos’ daily travel blog: “The board asked me . . . to convey to all the brethren that they are committed to the same truth, the same doctrines and the same walk . . . They said they have us all in their prayers.”

The rest of the trip, including details about new visits, seeing progress in the agricultural project and cattle in Brazil, and more can be read on his travel blog. 

Mr. de Campos will be taking another trip with his wife, Kathy, in July. This time they will visit the city of Huambo, the second largest city in Angola as well as home to their second largest congregation. 

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