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Most Important Feast Ever?

I just finished listening to a sermon recommended to me by two of our members just this week. It was given last Sabbath, September 12, by Robin Webber, pastor in San Diego, Redlands and Las Vegas. As many of you know, Robin is a long-time pastor who was on the Council of Elders for many years and served as Chairman for a number of those years. Last Sabbath, Robin gave his first in-person sermon for about six weeks, as they were shut-down again in Southern California from another spike in the virus. He was certainly passionate, inspired, and motivated to be back in person!

Like the others who recommended this sermon, I was inspired and encouraged as I listened to “Walking in the Name of the LORD our God at the Feast.” The link to this sermon is

I would highly recommend that you take the time to listen to this sermon prior to this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. Robin mentions that this coming Feast could actually be the “most important Feast ever.” He mentions several very important principles we all need to keep in mind this Feast!

One of the members who wrote to me about this sermon had this to say: “This is the most inspiring pre-Feast sermon that I can remember ever hearing!”

Wishing you all a very spiritually rewarding “double” Sabbath and Feast of Trumpets!