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Personal From Ministerial and Member Services: September 8, 2022

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Personal From Ministerial and Member Services

September 8, 2022

From all reports and feedback, the leadership workshop we held this past weekend was especially enjoyable, rewarding and productive. The theme was “A Leader is First a Disciple” and we welcomed 33 UCG members from the United States, two from Canada and one from the United Kingdom.

Our last such workshop was in 2019, so it was great to resume this valuable resource for those who were recommended by their pastors to attend this educational opportunity. The workshop is designed to equip and inspire the participants to become even more effective in their service to the Church. All of the presentations, blended together throughout the weekend, served toward this purpose.

Sessions throughout the weekend were presented by Darris McNeely, Gary Petty, Steve Myers, Rick Shabi and myself. One of the highlights for the participants was the opportunity to collaborate together to “defend the faith” on a variety of issues and scenarios.

Mr. Shabi focused on the need for all of us to be growing in and building our faith and trust in God, and in becoming one as we practice agape with one another. He pointed out that God is working with all of us in a “training program” so we may learn to better serve in His Kingdom and that God will illuminate our walk with Him as we strive to live by His every word.

Here is a sampling of some of the survey responses that we received after the event: “Difficult to suggest improvement when I found the entire time to be wholly inspirational.” “Excellent throughout.” “We are very grateful for the opportunity to attend. It has been very beneficial and an additional reminder of where our focus and priorities should be.” “Enjoyed it all more than anticipated.” “We really appreciate the humility in service to the Church.” “Thanks for the leadership workshop! I found it helpful, encouraging, and inspiring.” “I enjoyed all the presentations. They helped me grow as a person.” “I loved the weekend!” and “It was great to hear the openness and willingness to answer questions.”

Next week our staff plans to meet to review the feedback we received, and to discuss how we might improve our next workshop.

It was wonderful for all of us to witness the obvious dedication and humble service of all our attendees and it was clear why they were recommended by their pastors for attendance at the workshop.

As we begin to prepare for the Sabbath, may we rejoice in its observance and may it be a delight to us all!