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Latest UCG Updates

Peter Eddington joins Victor Kubik to discuss his recent interview with Andi Chapman about stress, depression, and suicide, as well as various publications and media recently produced by UCG in an effort to help those who are suffering...

Current insightful commentary, articles, special media productions and more from our media team and writers—plus news of interest about the United Church of God.
In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik shares an update regarding a new video resource and interview recorded last week with regional clinical educator Andi Chapman.
The UCG media department is seeking qualified video animators to support this upcoming video animation project.
This two-part interview will be edited and available in August on our website under the “Beyond Today Interviews” tab.
This 75-minute presentation will be edited and made available in August for our ministry and membership.

Steve Myers joins Victor Kubik to discuss his recent sermon, titled "Crossing the Rubicon." They ask if our society has crossed that point of no return, and they warn us as individuals of the dangers of turning our backs on God. You can...

In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik revisits the beginning of United Church of God and conversations about the importance of having unity in the Church, which inspired UCG's name.
In this personal from MMS, Mark Welch recounts his trip this week to Florida to visit the Jacksonville and Orlando congregations and spend some time at the brand new preteen UYC program, Camp Florida.
Our sincere thanks to all who donated funds for our members and prospective members living in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.