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Phoenix Congregation Recognizes Retiring Pastor

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Phoenix Congregation Recognizes Retiring Pastor

Services began with Mr. Schreiber finishing up his four-part series called “Life Lessons From My 44 Years in the Ministry.” It was very interesting and at times humorous seeing and hearing of his journeys going to Imperial Schools, God’s Church, travels and marriage. The day’s lessons focused on grace and vision.

All enjoyed hearing special music given by the children’s choir who sang “Be Strong in the Lord,” conducted by Michelle Delamater. After services the new incoming pastor and Southwest regional pastor Jim Tuck gave Mr. Schreiber a gift of a cane with bike horn attached to aid him in “maneuvering” through retirement. Then on behalf of United Church of God president Victor Kubik and Ministerial and Member Services, Mr. Tuck presented a crystal globe to Mr. and Mrs. Schreiber etched with the words “Preaching the Gospel” and “Preparing a People.” It also included the text of Ephesians 4:11-12.

Mike Miller then presented an engraved plaque from the Phoenix congregation. Afterwards finger foods and cake were served. Later, all enjoyed a video and photo presentation, while members made comments and told stories.

The congregation is especially happy that the Schreibers are not planning to move from the Phoenix area at this time. Mr. Schreiber will serve in the Phoenix areas in addition to taking care of Albuquerque.