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Portuguese Articles to Be Posted

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Portuguese Articles to Be Posted

Plans are to translate and post one Good News article a month on a new Portuguese Web site, www.revistaboanova.org.

“For the first ‘issue’ I am clustering five articles (five months’ work) into one issue and will then post it on the Web,” said Jorge de Campos, an elder who volunteers his time to coordinate the Portuguese work.

“We will also photocopy (black and white) a few for those Portuguese brethren who do not have Internet,” he said.

“I do not want to give the impression that we are starting a full-fledged GN in Portuguese… Possibly we will be there in a few years.”

Mr. de Campos said the major priorities in the Portuguese area are to pray for more laborers, to translate more basic doctrinal booklets and to feed the flock with regular sermons in Portuguese.