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Latest UCG Updates

This page will be updated regularly with the latest information regarding UCG Feast site locations and planning information for 2021, including cancellations or modifications.
Current insightful commentary, articles, special media productions and more from our media team and writers—plus news of interest about the United Church of God.
In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik reports on this week's Beyond Today television program recording.
In this personal from MMS, Mark Welch reflects on the upcoming spring Holy Day season and encourages readers to focus on the meaning behind these hope-filled Feast days.
Online registration for all UYC camps begins online March 8. A note about camp scholarships is also included below.
Continued prayers are requested for our brethren in Myanmar. The situation is getting worse and confrontations between the military and the people/protestors of Myanmar is turning deadly.

John Elliott, Pastor serving on the Council, discusses the techniques, role, and importance of mentoring. He shares his own experiences starting churches in Africa and learning to fly.

In this personal from the president, Victor Kubik announces the new streaming service for Beyond Today audiences beginning this Sabbath. He also continues his discussion on preparing for your best Passover yet.
It's almost time to register for UYC!

John Miller, President of Superb Industries and Elder serving on the Council, joins Victor Kubik to discuss how he uses his local influence to coordinate with Farmers to Families, a CARES Act program that helps provide food to those who...