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Puerto Vallarta Update

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Puerto Vallarta Update

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the Puerto Vallarta Feast site 2020

After much deliberating, praying and assessing the pros and cons since March, including discussions with the Hotel Friendly administration, the local Mexican pastor and the U. S. Festival coordinator, we have come to the regretful decision of canceling the Feast in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 2020.

The main factor is that our current registration numbers are well below what we have had in the past so we do not have enough attendees to meet the minimum requirements. Only a fourth of the normal number has signed up compared to previous years, along with lower numbers from the Mexican brethren as well.

This is not a decision taken lightly but many factors have forced us to make this decision. 

Moreover, the Feast in Puerto Vallarta is different from most other Feast sites since it relies on a large room block contract to secure affordable pricing and exclusivity of the hotel. Yet this special pricing comes with payments that are due months in advance. For the majority of Feast sites, members can reserve directly with the hotel and have much more flexibility on their cancellation policies. But for this site, due to this large prepayment, we lack the flexibility for last minute changes. This means that we are unable to provide refunds once those bulk payments are sent to the Hotel Friendly Puerto Vallarta. 

The contractual obligations we must meet to make this Feast site feasible forced us to make the early decision of canceling this site. In this way, members can plan accordingly and we still have time to amend the contractual obligations with the Hotel. 

God willing, we plan to hold the Feast in PV for the 10th time in 2021. Thank you for supporting this Feast site year after year. We look forward to seeing you again next year, God willing!

Your servants in Christ,

Mario Seiglie – PV Feast Coordinator

Debbie Orsak – PV Housing Coordinator

Natalia Seiglie-Anguiano – PV Housing Coordinator