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Quarterly Council of Elders Meetings Held in December

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Quarterly Council of Elders Meetings Held in December

Three members participated via video link, while the others interacted in person together and with church staff.  

The full agenda included the regular business of reports from operations managers and committee chairs, reviewing the annual financial audit, approval of administrative policy updates and consideration of ordination requests.  

The Council also devoted considerable time to examining and revising the church’s Strategic Plan, as it is mandated to do every three years. The plan under development emphasizes doing the work of the Church through “Truth in Love.” Media and Information Technology staff reported progress on the needed process of redesigning the Church’s website. Made necessary by external software updates, the change provides opportunity to make the site more efficient and responsive to user’s needs.  

In their discussions, the men show respect and cooperation, even though they hold different views and opinions. Several Council members commented that this was a very productive meeting.