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Radio Program Now Airing in San Antonio

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Radio Program Now Airing in San Antonio

The Beyond Today program began airing Sunday, July 8, on KTSA 550 AM, a news/talk format radio station in San Antonio, Texas. The program airs at 6:30 a.m. Sundays, just prior to a program by a San Antonio-based evangelist, John Hagee Today.

San Antonio is the nation’s 32nd largest media market out of 276 media markets. KTSA is San Antonio’s oldest radio station (it began in 1922), which currently features mostly locally-based conservative talk shows. The station has 5,000 watts and reaches a huge geographical area—99 of 254 Texas counties including the area of metro Houston.

We hope to be given perhaps a dozen or so free 30-second promotional spots (as available on a weekly rotator) and a 15-second tag after each program.