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Reader's Digest Ad to Run in 10 Million April Copies

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Reader's Digest Ad to Run in 10 Million April Copies

As announced Dec. 10, due to positive income in excess of our budget, a half million dollars has been made available to increase the subscriber bases in several of our publications.

Some of these funds are now being used to advertise The Good News and booklets in Reader's Digest, American Baby and Parents magazines. Since then, we have negotiated some very favorable prices for printing and insertion of our advertising inserts.

The Details

How much can the proverbial "widow's mite” buy today to publish the gospel of the Kingdom of God? As it turns out, a great deal. A two-page insert, which includes a tear-off reply card, placed in all 10 million copies of the April 2007 U.S. edition of Reader's Digest, will cost less than 2½ cents each. Larger-size inserts in 4,550,000 copies of the April 2007 issue of American Baby and the May 2007 issue of Parents will cost under 3½ cents each.

Our ad in Reader's Digest will offer a subscription to The Good News and a copy of our booklet The Middle East in Bible Prophecy. Readers of Parents and American Baby magazines will also be offered a Good News subscription and our newest booklet, Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension.

It has been seven years since we were last able to advertise in Reader's Digest, so we are very pleased to be able to do so again. Advertising in Parents and American Baby magazines will be a "first” for the Church. This is especially satisfying, since these popular publications reach a younger family audience, whose median ages are 30 (American Baby) and 34 (Parents).

We expect to add many thousands of new subscribers to the files as a result of these efforts. Not only do we give thanks to our great God for this opportunity to reach more people with the gospel message, but we also express gratitude to our Church members, coworkers and donors for their support of and involvement in the Work of God.

Reader's Digest Ads Last a Generation (Almost!)

Along with the very low insertion cost, we also continue to receive responses to Reader's Digest print advertisements for years afterwards!

For example, responses to our March 2000 Reader's Digest ad are still coming in every month. Not only that, this particular publication is among the most cost effective in our ad toolbox. In particular, this is because our GN subscribers who come onto our file directly from a Reader's Digest ad are consistently among the most likely to renew their GN subscription every two years. In other words, we don't have to replace as many Reader's Digest respondents as we do those from some of our other advertising efforts. It's win-win in several ways.

Please pray that God will bless this April Reader's Digest advertising campaign. UN