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Record High BT Program Response and “BT Extras” Debut

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Record High BT Program Response and “BT Extras” Debut

Only two weeks ago we reported Beyond Today television program “The Message of the Antichrist” had generated the highest weekly response for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. However, we now are pleased to state that another program has superseded its results. The program, “Easter: The Rest of the Story,” which aired from April 12-18, 2020, produced 690 total responses and also achieved the lowest cost per response out of 41 programs aired so far this fiscal year.

In this enlightening episode, host Steve Myers carefully explained how the Christian Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread provide the full meaning of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. An informative free booklet, titled “Easter: The Rest of the Story” and a free one-year subscription to Beyond Today magazine were offered to all respondents.

Beyond Today TV programs on religious holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, often draw good viewer interest. Nevertheless, it’s certainly possible that since many people have been sequestered in their homes during the global COVID-19 pandemic, more people than normal took the time to watch the program on television or the Internet. Could perhaps God be employing this difficult circumstance to make people aware of the truth of the Bible and their personal need to respond to Him and His Word?
We have also recently launched a new series titled, “BT Extra.”

These more in-depth videos patterned after our BT dailies include more scripture graphics, photos and accompanying video clips to help illustrate the topic being discussed. We have just begun a new seven-part series titled “The Path to Pentecost,” which can be previewed on YouTube.

Here is a listing of BT Extra videos available so far from our main BT Daily video blog page:

  • The World Continues to Turn.
  • Coping With the Pandemic.
  • Revelation’s Relevance for Today.

And now the seven-part series, “The Path to Pentecost,” has been launched—with episode one available for preview on YouTube while we prepare it for upload to our website:

We pray this new BT Extra video series will compliment your study of the Bible and give you additional perspective on current events and world news—all in light of Scripture and biblical prophecy.