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Reflections From an International Graduate of ABC

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Reflections From an International Graduate of ABC

Ambassador Bible College is a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible. Before deciding to attend ABC, I had reached a stagnant point in my life. I realized that I was reading the Scriptures and not fully understanding the context, which most likely meant that my understanding of the meaning of the scriptures was not as accurate as it could be. I thought about how I could obtain that teaching from the Bible, meet many new people and maybe even travel to a different country. Aha! Ambassador Bible College was the solution. 

While it was intimidating traveling during COVID-19 without knowing when I would be able to go back home, I knew that if I didn’t take this opportunity now, then I would likely continue to stay stuck where I was, spiritually and physically. So off I went in June of 2020 to the big United States, excited for what God had in store for me for the upcoming year—and He did not disappoint! Not only was I able to travel across the world and meet so many people, but I was able to learn more about my relationship with God and with others. 

I am so grateful that I was granted this incredible opportunity to focus and learn every day about our Creator. It helped me to really understand what I believe, and why I believe it. The instructors did such an incredible job teaching us and building relationships with the students and I know that my classmates and I are grateful for their service and consistent positive attitudes. 

I would recommend ABC to anyone—young or old, international or not! It was definitely a highlight of my life and a precious, valuable year that I will never forget.