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Regional Ministerial Conference Held in Minnesota

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Regional Ministerial Conference Held in Minnesota

This region includes the area where Mr. Kubik began serving in the ministry more than 50 years ago in South Dakota and Minnesota. It was heartening to reunite with those in the ministry whom they had known and worked alongside decades ago, sharing friendship and experiences.

It is always encouraging to experience the bond of love and devotion between God’s people wherever we go. God’s Holy Spirit is a very powerful force that binds us together in love and peace. May we all yield to His Spirit more faithfully in the years ahead!

It was also very encouraging to experience the camaraderie and the love of the ministry who serve our brethren in the north central region of the United States. Iron does sharpen iron physically, but this is also true spiritually. There was a great deal of interaction in this round of conferences as our regional pastor, Mitch Knapp, our pastors, our elders and their wives addressed many important topics to help sharpen our ability and desire to serve God and His children more effectively.