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Resource Spotlight: Online Tests Available for Bible Study Course

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Resource Spotlight

Online Tests Available for Bible Study Course

The quizzes are at the end of each lesson and can be found on our website at https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/bible-study-course.

As you click on each lesson, please scroll down to the bottom of the Table of Contents and you will see the link to that lesson’s quiz.

For example, the quiz for Bible Study Course Lesson 1 can be found at https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/bible-study-course/bible-study-course-lesson-1/quiz-bible-study-course-lesson-1.

Since launching the quizzes in mid-May of this year, and without any publicizing of them, 140 tests have been completed with an average score of about 84%. Each quiz takes about eight minutes to fill out.

This is a first step in finding ways to engage our online readers more with our Bible Study Course. Discussions are underway to enhance this experience with links to additional resources, videos and study materials.