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Ribbon-Cutting, Dedication and First Beyond Today TV Programs

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Ribbon-Cutting, Dedication and First Beyond Today TV Programs

This was followed two days later with our first three video recordings—one each by Gary Petty, Steve Myers and Darris McNeely.

We thank everyone from all over the world for their support and prayers. 

As the dedication ceremony got underway, flowers arrived from our German office and brethren. We thank all those who have expressed encouragement in various ways as we labor to fulfill the mission of Matthew 28:19-20.

Dedication, Ribbon-Cutting and Prayer

The dedication event was well-attended by Cincinnati brethren, office staff and Ambassador Bible College (ABC) students—70 guests in all. The chief architect for the studio, Mark Bredemeier of KBA Inc., also came. (Incidentally, he was also the architect for our main home office building 18 years ago and was visibly pleased with the outfitted studio.)

Victor Kubik gave the dedication prayer after thanking key personnel and making the following remarks: 

“We thank all the workers, planners, supporters, donors and the thousands of prayers for it . . . But, most of all, we thank God who has opened the door for us to have and use such a facility for His Great Purpose. It is time now to dedicate and open this fine facility for use.”

“I’d like to share some notable lessons from 1 Kings chapter 8 when King Solomon dedicated the magnificent Temple to God. This was one of the most beautiful structures of all time. It represented a house built for God, where He would live.

“But before Solomon actually dedicated the physical building he made the following points:

  1. God would dwell there.
  2. Solomon blessed the people before any reference to the physical structure.
  3. Solomon declared that this would be the place where prayers would be heard.
  4. Foreigners (outsiders) would take note of what was going on.
  5. “We really want our work to be noted by those outside of us, the spiritual foreigners. We want them to ask what is behind the message. What is behind the personalities, the behaviors and the Church that produced what they will see and hear? Perhaps, as a result, they will find God in their lives as well. 

“The video recording studio’s primary purpose is to produce messages that will engage a needy and empty world about the Creator God who wants a relationship with them and who wants to give them eternal life. We want our presence to spark curiosity and to provide a resource to the whole world.”

First Three Video Programs Recorded

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 28, we recorded our first programs in the new studio—before a live studio audience of 50 people. The audience was comprised of Cincinnati church members, ABC students and some home office staff.

The first three programs (BT361, BT362 and BT363) recorded in a two-hour session on Wednesday were: 

  • “The Horsemen of Revelation” by Darris McNeely.
  • “The Power of the Holy Spirit” by Steve Myers.
  • “Are We Living in the Time of the End?” by Gary Petty.

This is quite a milestone, as we had been making do in the old studio for 13 years—since 2005—with 360 episodes recorded there!

Plans are already underway for our second round of recordings. These will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 9. For these we are inviting Cincinnati readers of our Beyond Today magazine to also attend and be part of the live studio audience.

The continued prayers of our brethren are very much appreciated as we strive to do our part to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God.

May “Thy Kingdom Come” speedily!