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Southern Minnesota’s Youth Day Sabbath Service and Winter Family Social

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Southern Minnesota’s Youth Day Sabbath Service and Winter Family Social

The Southern Minnesota, La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, congregations hosted their 18th annual youth day Sabbath service and winter family social this year at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch near Stewartville, Minnesota. There were also young people from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Cincinnati, Ohio, who made contributions to the service and enjoyed fellowship with their family and friends in Southern Minnesota. Many in the local congregation, as well as those from the Twin Cities, participated in making this year’s youth day and social remarkably successful.

The youth also served helping with table decorations, food service, hall set up, kitchen chores, game activities and, at the end of the evening, they helped with cleanup.

Everyone enjoyed the company of our visiting guests Matt and Lisa Fenchel. Mr. Fenchel gave a fine sermon on the transitional phases of our lives and how life can be only understood backwards, but it must be lived forward in hope and in faith.

Sabbath services were followed with a chili buffet dinner around 5 p.m. The congregation’s men made chili-filled crock pots, half of them mild and the other half on the hot and spicy side.

After the meal, snow tubing was one of the popular activities enjoyed by 36 energetic boys, girls and the young at heart. Horse-drawn sleigh rides were also available for those interested in enjoying the evening’s mild temperatures, which were actually above freezing, making the ride quite pleasant.

The cupcake contest began at 7:30 p.m. The congregation’s ladies honed their baking skills and brought an overabundance of beautifully garnished, great tasting, assorted cupcakes. They were judged by a panel of young people and prizes were awarded as the evening progressed.

The theme for the evening was “TV or movie personalities,” and many dressed the part, and received prizes for the best and most interesting costumes. Later on, others participated in a Bible Jeopardy, which was hosted by Brett Wood and John and Peggy Yule.

Naturally it took many helpful hands to organize the social and serve the congregations. Everyone benefited from the men’s cooking skills, and no one complained about the delicious cupcakes. The evening was an enormous success. We gave God thanks and glory for His blessing on the weather and the day’s activities.