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Teen Feast Photography Contest!

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Teen Feast Photography Contest!

If so, this assignment is for you! We are in need of some great Feast of Tabernacles photographs to be taken this year. The photographs should include Feast activities, nature scenes and people. Anything that portrays the Feast of Tabernacles to you! (Please remember if you take pictures of people try to get photos of their full face and not the back of someone’s head.)

After the Feast we request that you send your photos as a JPG file to both Sue Dunkle at suedunkle@yahoo.com and Linda Merrick at linda_merrick@ucg.org

In addition to your photograph, please list your name, age, where you are from and the name of the Feast site. The best photo will be chosen as the cover for the 2019 Festival Teen Book. Depending on the number of photographs we receive, we will try to display the rest inside the 2019 teen book.

The deadline for this contest will be Dec. 31. Please send all pictures in by that date. Also, please make sure your photo is a high resolution. Thank you!

The Education Team