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Texas Congregations Bid Gary and Kim Petty Goodbye

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Texas Congregations Bid Gary and Kim Petty Goodbye

After 18 years of serving God’s people in South Texas, Gary and Kim Petty are transferring to Tennessee where they will be replacing the retiring Fred and Lucretia Kellers. The San Antonio, Austin, and Waco congregations sponsored farewell luncheons (Barbecue and Tex-Mex) expressing their heart-felt love for the Pettys with a special slide show, a multitude of gifts and lots of hugs and tears. Under Mr. Petty’s tireless leadership, insightful instruction and loving devotion, these three congregations have not only withstood many difficult trials, but have flourished spiritually.

While it is very difficult to see the Pettys go, we are grateful for the blessing of 18 years with them and are happy for our Tennessee brethren who will now benefit from Gary’s and Kim’s service.

Rod and Tammy Foster, whose arrival here preceded the Pettys, will assume pastoral duties in these three congregations. Having seen Rod and Tammy grow into pillars within our church community—and now to have their first pastoral assignment right here where they are so loved—makes the transition to a new pastoral team a little easier. May God continue to bless you and your ministry, Gary and Kim Petty!

Vincent Thompson