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Travel Education Plans to 2014 Set

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Travel Education Plans to 2014 Set

Working closely with the Festival planning team, the travel education group has begun planning trips throughout the Middle East and other biblically significant locations to provide regular rotating opportunities for education travel.

Year : Spring Feast/Fall Feast

2007 : Egypt / Jordan

2008 : Greece / -------

2009 : Israel / Greece

2010 : Turkey / Jordan

2011 : Egypt / Turkey

2012 : Greece / Israel

2013 : Turkey / Jordan

2014 : Israel / TBA

This coming spring, an educational tour of Greece retracing the steps of the apostle Paul is in the planning stages. Details will be announced soon.

Educational travel is designed to meet program outcomes such as: bring the biblical account alive and build faith in God and His Word; provide fellowship to strengthen individuals spiritually; help participants gain knowledge, understanding and respect for other cultures and people; enhance personal Bible study and prayer; and better equip people to explain God's Word with clarity and enthusiasm.