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Traveling With a Passport

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Traveling With a Passport

A few of the ways that traveling can add to life is experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and history firsthand. Experiencing new cultures is a unique opportunity to see how our brethren in other countries live and get to know them in their environment. Not only is experiencing new cultures amazing, but local cuisine can be a fun and delicious way to learn more. History is another exciting part about traveling internationally, and there is so much to learn from traveling.

Yes, the USA has many amazing, awe inspiring, life-changing places and there are plenty of them to get to. However, getting outside of the States can provide a greater appreciation for how blessed we are in this country. What better way to appreciate the great creation of God than to do so during one of His wonderful Holy Days?!

Now the fun part to consider–logistics! The logistics will change depending on the country traveling to, but one requirement remains the same–a passport. A passport is required for all countries and they are easier to get than one may think. There is a fee, and some planning will need to take place due to the time involved in the application process, but it’s all worth it! One other thing to keep in mind is that some countries will also require visas which can be obtained at the airport or in advance, depending on the country.

Traveling for the Feast of Tabernacles has led me to some great places. I’ve been able to explore ancient ruins in countries such as Jordan, Italy, and Guatemala; as well as historical sites in France. Seeing how little others have, but how faithful and strong they are is the best sight I’ve seen. In Jordan and Guatemala the people live very differently, many in these countries have so much less than Americans. One of the most rewarding experiences was when I sponsored to take a family out to a special dinner at the Feast in Guatemala. For me, it was so inexpensive, but for them it was a special meal they would not have been able to afford otherwise. Being able to travel internationally has helped me to truly see how blessed the United States of America is.

Having a passport has opened up a whole new world. Each place, culture, and thing around the world is unique to the location they are in. Having traveled to 19 countries–including a December 2015 trip to Brazil–getting familiar with the world around has been quite eye opening. Why not get out there and see some more of God’s great creation?